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Settlement Pattern Character

6. Overall Pattern Of The Village

Breamore House and Park and the church setting within its walled graveyard, with mature trees and unrivalled views across open fields, are of paramount importance in setting the character of the village.

The village is not compact and most buildings are well set apart from their neighbours. The only tightly grouped buildings are adjacent to the village shop on the main road, the A338. Most dwellings have adequate gardens and road frontage and no problems occur with parking or access. This landscape stretches from the River Avon up to the Park and beyond.

7. Character of Roads and Routes through Village

The roads and lanes throughout the village are rural in nature with natural hedges and grass verges and little street furniture and road markings to spoil the ambience. The only road with significant street furniture and markings is the main Salisbury/Ringwood road, the A338. Lanes tracks and driveways off the tarmac roads are virtually all surfaced with local 'hoggin' and gravel.

8. Character of Open Spaces and links with Wider Countryside

With a village of this character and spread there are several large open spaces which link directly with the fields and are an integral part of the surrounding countryside. There are links with lanes, tracks and footpaths that ensure that these areas are well used by villagers and visitors alike.

9. Relationship Between Buildings and Spaces

The relationships between buildings and spaces are essentially those that have been formed in the past by estate influence and the dominance of agriculture. That has now changed and the small holdings, allotments etc. of the past now form large gardens or small fields, the latter being mainly used to graze horses. So with this change there is a tendency to enclose properties with neater hedges or fences replacing, in some cases, the original timeless hedgerows.

It is the relationship of Buildings and Space which is important in maintaining the timeless character of Breamore.