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 BPC Minutes 04.11.2019

 BPC Minutes 04.11.2019

 BPC Minutes 02.09.2019

 BPC Minutes 15.07.2019

 BPC Minutes 24.04.2019 - Special Meeting

 BPC Minutes 11.03.2019

 BPC Minutes 07.01.2019

 BPC Minutes 05.11.18

 BPC Minutes 03.09.2018

 BPC Minutes 02.07.2018

 BPC Minutes 11.06.2018

 BPC Minutes 09.04.2018

 BPC Minutes 12.03.2018

 BPC Minutes 08.01.2018

 BPC Minutes 04.12.2017

 BPC Minutes 16th October 2017

  BPC minutes of 2nd October 2017

 BPC Minutes 7th August 2017

 Minutes of the BPC meeting of 5th June 2017

 BPC Minutes of 3rd April 2017

Archived Minutes of Meetings

 BPC Minutes 02.03.2020

 BPC Minutes 13.01.2020

 BPC Special Meeting Minutes 12.12.2019

 BPC Minutes 11.01.2021

 BPC Minutes 09.11.2020

BPC Minutes 23.07.2020  

BPC Minutes of 6th February 2017

BPC Minutes of 5th December 2016

BPC Minutes of October 3rd 2016